Research & Development (R&D) Support
To make your products and brand names stand out from the vigorous competition in the cosmetic market, it is necessary to have “comprehensive” marketing strategy, “innovative” product design, high quality and safe product image.
Most of the brand owners and manufacturers are actively conducting researches and developing new and “innovative” products. Most manufacturers are considering to transform their business from OEM to ODM or even OBM. While your competitors are actively planning to expand their business, how will you react?
With our professional knowledge and experience, we can assist you to understand the full picture of the cosmetic market and turn your innovative ideas into valuable products.
Our services include:
Market Analysis
Product Concept Advisory
Product Development Advisory
Production Advisory
   Market Analysis
We gather large amount of information from various channels to provide market insights and market trend in different cosmetic market segments and regions.
We help you to:
Understand the market situation
Identify your target customers
Formulate sales and marketing strategies
   Product Concept Advisory
Based on your ideas and information, we can provide below analysis to minimize your cost in product development.
Innovative product concept, matching up with the market trend.
Suitable active ingredients and active ingredients suppliers
Feasibility and effectiveness
Ingredient Review or Toxicology Risk Assessment based on related regulations
   Product Development Advisory
Even your innovative idea is feasible, you may encounter some complicated steps and technical challenges. We help you to overcome the difficulties by offering:
Technical support on sample production
Advice on modifying product feature and texture
Advice on production criteria
   Production Advisory
An effective production with good quality control can assure the quality of the products and reduce manufacturing cost. You can enjoy such benefit from our services:
Consultancy Service for Factory Improvement
Quality Control Advisory
Factory Audit and Certification
Training for Technical Staff