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Date Title Media
2016/01/07 How can cosmetic enterprises present their innovation under dynamic legislative environment? Sister Beauty Pro (2016 Jan)
2015/12/09 Some Thoughts under natural cosmetics boom Sister Beauty Pro (2015 Dec)
2015/11/06 Aging due to Dryness. Sister Beauty Pro (2015 Nov)
2015/10/25 Regulation ~ Threshold for Cosmetic Importers and Exporters. Sister Beauty Pro (2015 Oct)
2015/09/09 Risks of Whitening Facial Masks (Chinese only) Sisters BeautyPro (2015-09)
2015/08/18 Relationship between whitening and Allergic (Chinese only) Sisters BeautyPro (2015-08)
2015/07/28 Wise choice for wise girls: focus on the product ingredients Apple Daily ( 2015-07-27)
2015/07/13 Identification methods of skin allergies(Chinese only) Sisters BeautyPro (2015-07)
2015/07/02 Is 100% Aloe Gel more efficient for sunburnt recovery? Apple Daily ( 2015-06-29)
2015/06/17 Use night cream in daytime may cause allergy Apple Daily ( 2015-06-03)
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