What is CI Mark?
Are you sure the cosmetics or skin care products you are using everyday are safe? We understand customers always pursuit for high quality products. In view of this, Hong Kong Cosmetic Technical Resources Centre (CTR) fully supports the independent certification scheme for product quality - Cosmetic Integrity Mark (CI Mark). Launched by CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories (CMA Testing), the CI Mark aims to provide identification to product quality, performance and compliance with industry standards.
Cosmetic Integrity Mark (CI Mark) is an icon of confidence given to public that guarantees the source of licensed cosmetic product is completely traceable; the product is produced in a facility which has been assessed, and the product safety has been verified with well developed chemical and microbiological quantitative analysis performed in an accredited laboratory. Certificates are issued to authorize certificated organizations to put CI Mark onto their products such that the public can easily differentiate certificated product from the rest.